Vit. Anti-Oxydant Cream

This cream can be applied twice daily and is good for dry, dehydrated skin. This long lasting moisturising action has a genuine anti-wrinkle effect.


DHEA-Phyto Cream

The skin loses its firmness with age and starts to sag. This cream improves your skins elasticity and gives it a more youthful appearance. Recommended for over 40's.


Purifying Cream and Purigel

This cream helps to clean the skin out of impurities caused by the hormonal imbalances of adolescence or maturity. To be used twice daily.


Heliocare Cream spf 50

This sun protector protects against UVA and UVB rays which contribute to aging in our skin. This cream is essential in daily skin care.


Actilift Cream

This cream is recommended for people whose skin has started to sag, helping your skin gain firmness and elasticity. This cream has a tightening effect improves skin hydration. Can be used twice daily.


Blending Bleaching Cream

This cream helps lighten the skin, making it more radiant and healthy looking. The cream also helps reduce the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, blotchy skin, sun and age spots.